Bruder Capital

 Analytics for a World of Risks 

Yes, We're Different


Who We Are

Bruder Capital is an investment partnership. Our strategy is to combine quantitative analytics and fundamental research to find, rank, analyze, select, invest, monitor, and risk manage our capital. 

We focus on high yields and event-driven candidates. Regularly timed  payments typically provide much of the return securities can provide and also help limit their risk by reducing  volatility.  Corporate events - acquistions, mergers, spinoffs, and other transactions - set the stage for market beating opportunities.

Why We're Different

If you are just looking for high returns regardless of risk, please look elsewhere. If you are seeking riskless profits, please save your time. Staying in cash also has its risks.

Almost every investment fund or strategy promises high risk-adjusted returns, "alpha" (better than index results) or non-correlated results. What makes Bruder different is that we combine quantitative and fundamental tools to produce a successful strategy for both up and down markets.

What We Do

We use fixed income analytics - the way bonds and loans are analyzed - to  a wider array of financial instruments: preferred stocks, common stocks, closed and open end mutual funds, master limited partnerships, royalty trusts.  We use statistics to extensively to analyze candidates, manage long and short positions, and hedge portfolio risk.  Using our knowledge of capital markets, our valuation skills, we also provide transactions advice.